Things I learned today: I can spot my dad’s head from 20 ft away.
Bonus:Finally gonna see Frozen for the first time ever today!!!

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紅誕 by ♔ダヨーω

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"The laws of physics can kiss my ass."

 America Chavez - Young Avengers 

This is my first serious cosplay. I loved her character so much, I think I decided I was going to cosplay her within the first few pages of the comic. She’s just that kickass,

and I did enjoy being able to wear my hair all natural for this :) 

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the things i find on the internet 

unmute it

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My brother got his PhD and this is what he is proud of

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i can’t stop watching

his hair tho, as the hood flies off

there’s a lot to discuss here

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"anime is racially ambiguous" aka "these Asian characters with Asian names and Asian cultural markers made by Asian people don’t look like the hideously caricaturized narrow stereotypes of Asians that I’ve been used to seeing."

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Lord & his butler; Prince & his khansama

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Reading the ‘Hormone War' lyrics and then watching this was interesting :’)

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I am so scared right now

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raven u can see into the fucking future stop actin like this the weirdest shit u ever heard

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